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At RockSolid Race, we strive to serve you up the best possible obstacle racing events you could ask for - even Mudstacle think so. Our obstacles are some of the best in the industry, (ask Muddy Race) and our course designers are obstacle course racing geeks that want to deliver the best experiences for you time after time. That means new, ass kicking obstacles at every event! We push you beyond your limits to achieve more. But that's only the half of it. 

Cross that finish line and you'll get the best event facilities at any obstacle racing event in the UK. That's a fact. You will feel pretty smart for choosing RockSolid Race once you're in a free hot shower! Trust us, you're gonna need it, 'cos we're going to spit you out of the finish gantry in a cold, muddy, wet and shattered shadow of your former self! We'll help you feel human again... 

Next, collect your sharp looking bespoke tech t-shirt (that fits) and don your dog tags memento, and you are now officially 'RockSolid' (wear 'em proud, big boy...)

Hit the RockSolid Arms for the Après ski vibe with live music, DJ's, Dodgeball and Zorb Ball. These are a couple of cheeky drinks that you'll have earned with your team. Trust us, they'll taste pretty damn fine. 

We are constantly adding suprise extras for you too; be that complimentary hot soup, or at the other extreme Yeo Valley ice cream, we will always pull something out of the bag for you that you'll not expect. That's how we do it. Give you more than you asked for. 

In a nutshell, you're not the only one going the extra mile at our events, we do too, and then some. Sign Up and find out what it means to complete and experience RockSolid in all we offer. 


Why do so many women sign up for RockSolid?

50% of our sign ups are female, which is pretty amazing. It's probably because we invest heavily in comforts, and girls know what they like, right? Well, it turns out that the guys know what they like too; and who likes getting into their car cold, muddy and wet? At RockSolid Race you get FREE hot showers, masses of changing rooms, bag drop, entertainment and more! 

If events like this are a bucket list item for you, make sure you pick the best... 

You choose...

  • 5k, 10k and 15k

  • Solo / teams


RockSolid Race Event coming soon to:


Exeter @ Escot Park - 21st March 2015 - Tickets

Possibly the muddiest obstacle course in the UK, and with 7 water obstacles to contend with, the punishing Escot terrain will live in your memory forever. In a good way. This is a 5k, 10k or 15k race in Devon.  

Milton Keynes / Northampton @ Silverstone Woodlands - 20th September 2014 

With permanent obstacles, showers, toilets and a bar all within the 500 acre site, we have the obstacle racers dream location! With a flat course snaking through ancient woodland, ponds, swamps & with jaw dropping obstacles, this event in the heart of England will be one of the biggest obstacle racing events of 2014.  


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Check out the action from previous RockSolid events and see what you will be in for. Photos are free to download after our events; your next Facebook profile pic awaits.  

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Feature in one of our epic event videos and get your muddy mug across all of our channels

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You get quality and quantity as we pack in as more obstacles per km than any other event, and build 'em big too.

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